Lafayette, The Most Important Market In Louisiana

We have a 9% higher household income in Lafayette Parish (county) compared to the H.H income in the state of Louisiana. Source:


Several oil service industry companies say finding enough qualified workers to fill the positions they have open has become an issue. “We have more work than workers,” said Eric Gagen, district engineer for Coil Tubing Services. “We need people definitely. We are turning down work for lack of personnel.”

Don Briggs, president of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, said he believes the Lafayette area has emerged as a hub for the domestic oil and gas service industry. Source: LOGA

Number of households with income greater than $200k:

Lafayette: 4.7% (2,132)

State: 2.5% (42,922)


Oil and Gas

There are over 600 oil-related businesses in Lafayette Parish covering all aspects of the oil industry.

Deepwater is the current trend in drilling. With all of these new developments, Lafayette’s oil and gas arena should be booming for years to come.

Louisiana has served as the gateway for America’s energy needs for decades, and at the heart of this gateway is Lafayette, the host city for the country’s 2nd largest energy exposition – LAGCOE.

•Lafayette is becoming known for health care.  The medical hub of the state.


At the heart of Lafayette’s medical industry, is cutting edge communication and data transfer thanks to the area’s high speed fiber optic network. Acadiana’s evolving medical workforce of about 20,000 employees continues to expand with the recent Medical industry boom in the region. As the “Hub City” of the region, Lafayette is further cementing its role as a regional health center, attracting specialized treatment centers, and along with them, preeminent physicians, researchers and scientists.